Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, 1998-2002

Mural Commissions:

“Shine Space”, 8th and Diamond Playground, 800 Diamond St. Philadelphia, PA, 2015
“Long Play Philly DJ’s”, 1232 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA, 2015
“Look Beyond The Prize”, Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Services Center, 48th and Haverford Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 2015
“Tribute to Lt. Robert Neary and FF. Daniel Sweeney”, Unsung Heroes Gallery, 2024 E. Arizona St. Philadelphia, PA, 2014
“Heavy Blanket”, Smith Rec Center, 2100 S. 24th St. Philadelphia, PA, 2014
“Words Behind The Movement”, Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Services Center, 48th and Haverford Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 2014
“The Beautiful Thing About Education…”, Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Services Center, 48th and Haverford Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 2013
“Haiku Landscape”, Brandywine Workshop, 730 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA, 2012
“Changing Seasons, Lasting Symbols”, City Hall Courtyard, Philadelphia, PA, 2010
“Picture Yourself”, Abraham Lincoln High School, 3201 Ryan Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 2010
“Living in the Presence of History”, 30th St. Amtrak Station, Philadelphia, PA, 2009
“Welcoming Cultures”, Horace Furness High School, 1900 S. 3rd St., Philadelphia, PA, 2009
“A Step Ahead”, Ford Police Athletic League, 631 Snyder Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 2008
“It Takes A Village”, Northeast Treatment Center, 493 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, PA, 2007
“Growth”, Baltimore Farmers’ Market, Baltimore, MD, 2006
The Humane Animal Hospital, 1512 N. Central Expressway, Plano, TX, 2004
Mayor’s Office of Information Technology, 401 E. Fayette St., Baltimore, MD, 2004
Red Coral Restaurant, Baltimore, MD, 2003

As Assistant Artist:

“City Of Champions”, The Philadelphia Sports Hall Of Fame, 2701 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 2014
Sobriety Through Out Patient, Inc., 2534-36 N. Broad Street, Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA, 2011-2013
Bayard Taylor School, 3698 N. Randolph St., Philadelphia, PA, 2012
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, 120 South 30th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 2012
Manayunk Arts Festival, Main St., Philadelphia, PA, 2011
Time Restaurant, 1315 Sansom St., Philadelphia, PA, 2011
“Artsolutely Awesome North Philly…Yeah!”, 15th St. and Poplar St., Philadelphia, PA, 2007
“Building Connections”, 2nd St. and Thompson St., Philadelphia, PA, 2007
Chua Bo De Buddhist Temple, 114-20 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, PA, 2006
“Promised Land”, 30th St. and Diamond St., Philadelphia, PA, 2006
“Interlacings”, Horatio B. Hackett School, 2161 E. York St., Philadelphia, PA, 2006
“Flowers For You”, 3880 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 2006
“Legacy”, 707 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA, 2006
“Once Upon A Beanstalk”, 4525 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA, 2005
Richard Wright School, 2700 W. Dauphin St., Philadelphia, PA, 2005

Working with Youth:

Abraham Lincoln High School, 3201 Ryan Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 2011
William W. Bodine High School, 1101 N. 4th St., Philadelphia, PA, 2010
R.W. Brown Community Center, 1701 N. 8th St., Philadelphia, PA, 2010
“Norris Passage”, Norris St. from Frankford Ave. to Front St., Philadelphia, PA, 2009
Anthropologie, 50 Rockefeller Center, New York, NY, 2009
Achieving Reunification Center, 714 Market St. Suite 500, Philadelphia, PA, 2008
John F. Hartranft School, 720 W. Cumberland St., Philadelphia, PA, 2008
Leslie P. Hill School, 3133 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 2007
Ken Crest Child Development Center, 2600 B St., Philadelphia, PA, 2007
Chester A. Arthur School, 2000 Catharine St., Philadelphia, PA, 2006


City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
-Muralist, 2005-present
-Art Instructor with MuralCorps, an after school mural-making program for students ages 14-18,
-Art Instructor with Restorative Justice Program in the Philadelphia Prison System, 2008

Splotch,, 2003-2006
-Co-Founder and Editor for quarterly art webzine

Center Stage, Baltimore, MD, 2003- 2004
-Scenic Painter

Maryland Institute College of Art’s Young People’s Studio, Baltimore, MD, 2002
-Teacher’s Assistant for students ages 5-13

Artist Residencies:

Golden Artists Colors, New Berlin, NY, February 2014


Fresh 2 Cutting Edge Illustrations – Public, edited by Slanted, published by Daab Media, Germany, 2011


PDF Resume

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